The Benefits of Working at Feedly

Benefits of Working at Feedly

Feedly is a great place to work with many benefits that cater to the physical, mental, emotional and career needs of our employees. Our goal is to provide an optimal environment for personal growth and professional job satisfaction. Here are some of the highlights we offer:

•Competitive salary packages with performance-based bonuses and rewards •Excellent health insurance coverage •Encouragement of flexible working hours and remote work arrangements •Vacation time off, supported with progressive leave policies •Strong work ethic, coupled with a focus on enjoying everyday life at Feedly •Employee Wellness Program featuring onsite gyms, meditation classes, healthy snack delivery and wellness conferences •Professional development opportunities designed to grow our employees’ skillsets •Social activities such as team-building exercises and office outings that help promote unity in the workplace

We understand the importance of providing employees a positive atmosphere where they can improve their sense of well-being. That’s why we continue to add value by offering additional benefits such as language exchange programs, discounts for commuting expenses and regular team building events.

a. Flexible Working Environment

At feedly, we understand that employees may feel more productive or find a better work-life balance when they have a flexible working environment. We are proud to provide our staff with the opportunity to work remotely either full or part-time.

This gives our staff the freedom and independence to decide where and when they would like to work without compromising their performance. With the right tools in place, our team has the freedom to customize their approach and environment in order to achieve their highest potential.

In addition, with flexible working hours, employees are able to create a schedule that works for them and better manage family commitments and other interests.

Finally, allowing our staff free reign over where they work helps us attract talented professionals from around the world who may not be able to relocate for traditional office positions.

b. Competitive Salary & Benefits

At feedly, we understand that our employees are at the heart of our success. That’s why we strive to ensure they have excellent access to a wide range of competitive perks, benefits and salary structures that promote health and good quality of life.

We offer our employees access to a complete health plan including medical, vision, prescription drugs and dental coverage. We also make sure that our employees are well taken care of financially by offering 401k retirement savings plans with a company match as well as disability insurance and life insurance policies in case of emergency. Moreover, we also take pride in building an incredible team atmosphere which is why we provide workplace amenities such as monthly childcare stipends; lunch provided daily; monthly fitness reimbursement; generous vacation policy; regular team development activities, conferences & retreats and so on! At feedly you’re sure to find opportunities for further learning and personal growth.

c. Career Development Opportunities

At feedly, we believe that no one’s potential is set in stone. We are constantly striving to create an environment that allows our employees to excel and reach their highest potential. We have a number of initiatives in place to provide our team members with the opportunity to start their own projects and develop their expertise in both their current roles and future career objectives.

For example, we provide employees with additional learning materials such as e-books, webinars, and workshops to ensure they stay on the cutting edge of industry trends and build new skill sets. Additionally, we organize internal hackathons every quarter which encourages our employees to work together on new ideas that could potentially become part of our product stack. Each hackathon’s goal is not only to challenge our employees but also reward them with the best ideas by recognizing them with incentives such as cash prizes, recognition awards, and spots on highly sought-after client projects or other leadership opportunities.

We want each employee at feedly to be able to take advantage of career advancement opportunities whenever they arise. Whether you are looking for a promotion within your current role or seeking out new roles at more advanced levels, we definitely have something for you here at feedly!

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d. Positive Work Culture

At Feedly, we focus on creating a positive work culture where everyone is encouraged to contribute to the team’s success. Our team culture is based around the following four pillars:

1. Innovation: We actively foster an environment where creativity and experimentation are rewarded, encouraging our employees to think outside the box and take risks in order to explore new paths and reach goals faster

2. Transparency: Open communication and collaboration is essential for success, and we want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their ideas with their peers as well as their supervisors.

3. Trust: The company emphasizes trust among employees, allowing them autonomy in projects so that they can approach each task with confidence in their skillsets.

4. Community: We strive to cultivate relationships within the workplace through shared experiences and activities that foster team spirit as well as personal growth.

At Feedly, these values come alive through various initiatives such as flexible working protocols, internal training opportunities and summer picnics; providing employees with an engaging work experience and a positive work environment.

Challenges of Working at Feedly

Working at Feedly comes with unique challenges. As a startup, we are constantly pushing the envelope, experimenting with new techniques and technologies. We move quickly to find solutions to customer needs and to innovate in our products – which requires every employee to be adaptive, resilient, and able to think on their feet. We also strive for excellence in every aspect of our work – whether it is our product features or the processes that support them. We hold each other accountable to our highest standards across engineering, design, product management and customer experience teams. We don’t settle for good enough – we pursue greatness in everything we do. At Feedly there is no room for complacency nor fear of change. You will have the opportunity to take initiatives and drive innovative ideas forward without needing permission from your managers or executives. Everyone from technical interns to C-Suite executives must be willing and capable of staying ahead of trends in order to provide an unparalleled user experience that exceeds expectations at every turn.

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Tips For Maximizing The Benefits of Working at Feedly

Working at Feedly can be a great way to stay connected to current industry trends, deepen your relationships with existing clients, and strengthen your name in the field. Taking advantage of the many benefits that come from working at Feedly can be a smart investment for those who want to get ahead of the curve in their careers. Here are some tips on how you can use Feedly to maximize the potential of this professional opportunity:

1. Share content from Feedly with Your Network – Posting interesting articles and other resources helps show you what’s important in your industry as well as build relationships with customers, contacts and colleagues. You can also share these valuable tidbits on social media or blogs as another way to stay connected.

2. Leverage Team Resources – Within Feedly, you will have access to a wide range of experts throughout various industries who you can track for updates and advice relevant to your own sector or company.

3. Use Feedly Analytics – The analytics component of Feedly can be a powerful tool when it comes to monitoring brand mentions, competitor growth or industry news items that impact businesses like yours. Use this data flexibly, alongside other research methods if possible, in order to make better decisions quickly and accurately.

4. Contribute Content Yourself – If you come across an article or other source that provides valuable insight or advice into topics related to your business or industry, consider submitting it directly onto the feed within Feedly where others might benefit from it too—speaking engagements are also recommended!

By following these tips, as well as exploring all options available within the platform each day— staying organized may help —you should be able maximize the benefits of being part of the Feedly platform and get ahead in your career!

Networking Opportunities

Working at feedly provides many opportunities to network with professionals in the same or related industries. We encourage our employees to attend networking events and actively introduce themselves to potential partners, clients and future employers. Our team also takes regular trips to conferences and seminars in order to stay ahead of the curve and meet new individuals who share our biggest interests. Through these networks, our employees have made valuable contacts that have led to job opportunities and advancements within their fields. In addition to attending events and conferences, our team utilizes a wide array of online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ for professional networking purposes. These platforms allow us to connect with each other as well as professionals from around the world — all through the convenience of a laptop or smartphone! Our team members are always available for online Q&A chats related to product development, customer successes, entrepreneurial best practices and more.

Company Values & Mission

At feedly, we believe that everyone has a right to knowledge and the power of learning. We strive to create an innovative and collaborative environment where everyone is valued and proudly stands behind our three core values: collaboration, efficiency and continued learning. Our mission is simple: to make knowledge more accessible, useful and enjoyable for everyone.

We are dedicated to creating an amazing experience for our user community by providing products that simplify the discovery, organization, storage and sharing of information for both individual consumers as well as teams of researchers worldwide. To achieve this goal we work together with great attention to detail within Agile Methodology (scrum) for maximum flexibility in approaching new challenges. We operate under the belief that long-term success requires us not only to build products quickly but also efficiently so our maintainable code can be adapted over time. As such, we practice continuous improvement through internal process optimization, ongoing education and regularly scheduled team discussions with feedback loops in order to make good decisions faster while creating an exemplary product experience. By sustaining these practices across all areas of our company, individuals are empowered to own their roles and gain skills necessary for their growth while collectively pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in content curation today. If you’d like more details on any other parts of Feedly please feel free to reach out!