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What To Do If You Still See Suggested Songs After Stopping Spotify

If you have stopped using Spotify, but continue to see suggested songs in your app and on playback devices, there are a few different solutions you could try. It is important to know that these suggested songs are based on algorithms that assess your current music taste and preferences. Knowing this helps to explain the choices it makes, but also how to make sure they stay accurate. One of the most common solutions is to make sure that you give feedback on each song in order for Spotify to understand what kinds of songs it should be suggesting. To provide feedback on a song, simply like or dislike the track by tapping the heart and thumbs down symbols as you listen through them. You will also need each device (e.g., speakers or TVs) connected with Spotify properly configured for this option as well – instructions for setting up a specific device can be found on their website or help page depending on the model number. Another option is to go into the settings menu of your app and check whether any auto-playlists have been left turned off if you no longer wish to receive suggestions from those sources. You can also delete any playlists from devices connected with Spotify if you do not want them included in suggestions either; however, this will not guarantee an absence of tracks associated with specific genres or artists even if they are deleted as they may still appear again in future radio station recommendations due to their initial addition after syncing up with your account initially. Finally, turning off ‘Autoplay’ within the mobile app will stop suggestions completely – although bear in mind that it will stop recommended ones appearing directly after listening too!

Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Playing Suggested Songs

Have you ever been frustrated by Spotify continually playing suggested songs even after you stopped it? You’re not alone. This is a common issue that many users experience when using the music streaming platform. Let’s take a look at why Spotify keeps playing suggested songs, and how to stop it.

Spotify’s Algorithm

Spotify uses a sophisticated algorithm to provide personalized music recommendations. The algorithm takes into account your listening habits, the genres you like/dislike, how long a song has been playing, what songs were previously playing, and more to determine which songs it should select as suggestions or “Discover Weekly” playlists. For example, if you recently listened to a hip hop song and then paused the music, Spotify may still suggest similar songs because the algorithm still perceives it as part of your active listening session. Moreover, if you have marked certain songs or artists as ‘loved’ in your settings then Spotify will recommend those artists even more frequently in your Discover Weekly playlist and other suggestions. In short, Spotify creates an intricate web of factors in order to recommend music that it thinks you’ll enjoy. While it can be helpful at times, this can also lead to seeing the same suggestions repeatedly which can lead to feeling overwhelmed with options or stuck in a loop of what feels like “the same old” same type of playlist over time.

You Have a Large Library of Songs

If you’re an avid music listener, you are likely to have a large library of music saved in your Spotify library. Although having a large song library can be an advantage when it comes to making personalized playlists, the downside is that it can make it difficult for Spotify to accurately determine the songs that you would like best. Suggested songs that appear in your “Discover Weekly” playlist or your Recommended Tracks may remain after stopping Spotify because Spotify stores information about your user preferences every time you listen to a new song or save one for later. Additionally, if you delete all of the songs from one particular album from your library, chances are that more related suggested tracks will still continue to show up in associated playlists. In order to avoid seeing songs which you don’t want in the future, consider creating multiple versions of genre-based playlists and only listening & saving music that is related to those specific genres. This will help spotify better understand what kind of music will appeal most to you and reduce any instances of encountering unwanted tracks again.

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You’re Listening to Alot of Similar Songs

If you’ve been listening to a lot of similar songs, then it’s possible that Spotify can’t tell the difference between them and might think they’re all part of the same song. As a result, it will keep suggesting more of those types of songs. To avoid this problem, make sure to mix up your music library and listen to different genres. This will help to keep your streaming experience fresh and prevent Spotify from cycling through the same suggestions constantly. In addition, try searching for new music rather than playing entire albums or playlists at once. This gives Spotify a better chance to see what type of music you like since its algorithms will be able generate more diverse suggestions for you if it has less parameters to work with. Finally, don’t forget that you can always manually adjust the Suggested Songs list in your Collection tab – simply select the ‘Show Unrelated Suggestions from Similar Artists & Genres’ option and it should switch up the content that appears in your queue!

How to Stop Spotify From Playing Suggested Songs

If you are regularly listening to music on Spotify, you may have noticed that you will often be served with suggested songs by Spotify. In some cases, this might be based on your listening habits and you might benefit from them, but other times it can be quite annoying.

If you find this to be the case, this article will help you to understand how to stop Spotify from playing suggested songs.

Clear Your Search History

If you’ve already tried disabling the Autoplay and Autopilot features in Spotify and still see suggestions, then it is likely because your search history has not been cleared. Clearing your search history ensures that the “For You” tab displays only songs discovered by Spotify personalized algorithms and not recommended songs based on past searches. The first step to clearing your search history is going to the Settings menu in the app. Here you’ll find a tab labeled Privacy Settings within which you’ll find the “Clear my Search & Play History” option. Tap on this option and confirm to clear your search history. Note that clearing your search history will also delete any liked or disliked song tracks from Spotify’s recommendation algorithm for personalized playlists. Once you clear the history, go back to the Homepage of the app and select “For You” from the side menu bar. This page should now be populated with fresh selections based on recommendations generated by Spotify’s personalized algorithm instead of previously searched songs appearing up in the autoplay list.

Remove Similar Songs From Your Library

If stopping Spotify from playing suggested songs does not work, then it is likely that you have similar songs saved to your library. To remove the suggested songs and keep them from being played in the future, you need to delete any similar songs found in your library. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Open the Spotify app on a web browser or mobile device.

2. Go to “Your Library” located at the bottom right of your home page.

3. Select “Songs.”

4. Select “Edit” at top right and select “Remove Suggestions” or select “Remove” on all of the similar songs present in your list if there’s no “Remove Suggestions” button available yet.

5. Confirm selection, then save changes and all of those suggestions will be removed from your music player.

6. Finally, refresh Spotify by restarting it again on all devices with the same account to successfully remove those suggested songs from appearing in any of your playlists or station recommendations for good!

Disable Autoplay

If you are still seeing unwanted suggested or saved songs playing in Spotify, one of the quickest and easiest ways to stop this from happening is to disable autoplay.

To turn off autoplay for the app on your device:

  • Open your Spotify app
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ button (the three dots in the top-right corner)
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and then find “Autoplay”
  • Scroll down until you find the toggle labeled “Autoplay” and slide it left to turn it off

When you disable Autoplay in Spotify, all recommended music autosuggestions will be removed. However, it may take at least a day or two for all suggestions to be removed. You can always check if the suggestions are still appearing by restarting your app or manually scrolling down in “Your Music” page. If you find that they are still there after couple of days, then you probably need to switch back on Autoplay and repeat the process described above.

Change Your Listening Habits

If you’re still seeing suggested songs after stopping Spotify, there are a few things you can do to change your listening habits. One of the easiest steps is to try out different genres or artists in your usual playlists and explore other music. When you listen to new music, Spotify needs time to understand your preferences and curate playlists around them. Keep in mind that if you start playing a single album or artist over and over again, it could cause repetitive behavior and limit the songs appearing on your Recommended Songs list. There’s also a chance that an artist’s style could be misread by Spotify as part of the same artist, so try playing around with different styles within certain genres. You can also manually adjust what appears on your Recommended Songs list by turning off Autoplay, creating personalized playlists related to certain activities or moods, and hiding content that appears in Your Library and Your Release Radar playlists. By utilizing these tools, you can ensure more accurate results every time.

Try a Different Music Service

If you find that you’re still seeing unwanted Spotify-suggested songs in your streaming queue after taking steps to stop the suggestions, it may be time to switch to a different music service. There are plenty of great music streaming services out there that don’t have the same intrusive features as Spotify. If you’re already a subscriber to Spotify, your subscription packages may also offer access to other services such as Apple Music, Pandora and Amazon Music. All of these music streaming services let you create playlists of your own favorite songs and can provide hours of entertainment without having to listen to intrusive suggested songs.


Consider exploring the different options available with each service, such as curated playlists, radio stations and other features unique to each platform. If you do decide to transition from Spotify, make sure that any playlists or saved content you have will transfer easily across services.


In conclusion, there are several steps to take if you still see suggested songs after stopping Spotify. First of all, you should check the settings and make sure that the “Show Recommended Songs” option is disabled. If it is enabled but you are still seeing suggested songs, try restarting your device or updating the app. Additionally, signing out and signing back in may be necessary to clear out any cached suggestions. Finally, if none of these steps work, try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify. Doing so may reset the configuration and get rid of any remaining recommended songs.