TikTok : Can We Skip To The Good Part Trend And Song Explored With Lyrics

The upbeat and catchy “Can We Skip To The Good Part” is a single released by popular American singer-songwriter Tate McRae in 2020. As the artist explains, this song takes a positive message about learning to enjoy life during difficult times, and the music video has become quite popular on TikTok and other streaming platforms. In this article, we will go over the history behind the song and its meaning, as well as its success on the music charts.

Can We Skip to The Good Part TikTok Song

”Can We Skip to the Good Part” is a popular single by American singer-songwriter Kira Kosarin. It was released on February 12, 2021, as the debut single from Kosarin’s upcoming album. The song follows an energetic pop/synth-pop style and includes dominating percussive elements, fat bass lines and light synth touches.

The lyrics of “Can We Skip to the Good Part” are playful yet sincere. The track follows a sultry narrative of searching for a romantic connection while reflecting on lost time and opportunities. It is both expressive of yearning and cautionary against taking love for granted. With this simple yet powerful message, many can relate to this passionate pop love song with its signature drum beat ushering in an energetic groove full of high spirits and happy vibes. Kosarin’s performance captures the full intensity and range of emotions present in her voice that come alive through her understated confidence in each line she sings while letting go into the guitar chords that give it an upbeat, optimistic feeling. With modern production touching upon contemporary trends in mainstream music, Kosarin shows us her nuanced approach to writing music that can speak for itself without any gimmicks or trends needed for support. ”Can We Skip to the Good Part” is sure to be remembered as one of 2021’s best debut songs!

Background Information

The popular song “Can We Skip to the Good Part” was released by American artist Tez Cadey in 2018. It was one of the most popular songs of the year, topping the charts in many countries and racking up millions of plays on streaming services. The song has been featured in several noteworthy campaigns and has been covered by many other artists. This article will provide a brief overview of the song and its impact.

Artist Information

The “What Can We Skip to the Good Part” TikTok song is an original track written and performed by American artist Inigo Pascual. The original was released in celebratory fanfare in 2019 as a tribute to his mother. The single went on to be reused throughout YouTube and eventually went on to be widely used in TikToks worldwide, accumulating millions of views across all major streaming platforms. Inigo Pascual is a singer and actor from the Philippines who has appeared in films such as the 2007 romantic comedy film Ginintuang Diwa ng Pag-Ibig. He was also part of the TV series First Day High, Pasion de Amor, and She’s Dating The Gangster among others. He began his foray into music with world class production for both international and local acts including Paulo Angeles, Aikee Uytingco & United we Stand collab album ‘We Up’, Jason Dy & Sugar performed with KEEN records etc.. Being an apt entertainer, Inigo not only sings but can also beatbox and has gained an impressive number of followers since his debut single “Dahil Sa’yo ” went viral online. With his unique voice as well as sound abilities Inigo Pascual has been able to produce quality music that appeals to both local fans abroad making him one of today’s favorite Filipino singers!

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Release Date

The single “What Can We Skip To The Good Part” by Jordan Alexander was officially released on August 13, 2020 by Records/Columbia. Since its release, the song has continued to gain popularity with both fans and critics giving it positive reviews. The music video for the track was also released alongside the single and quickly became popular due to its lighthearted and fun concept. It includes a modern day Cinderella story featuring Alexander in a pink dress, performing a choreographed dance sequence alongside her fellow dancers. The video amassed over 3 million views in its first month of release. The track was produced by Jaden Michaels and features additional vocals from singer Gabbi O’Hara, as well as production credit from Grammy-award winning producer Skrillex. With an infectious chorus and danceable beats, this song is sure to be your next favorite party anthem!


The song “Can We Skip to the Good Part” by Rhodz is a perfect blend of funk and pop. The catchy chorus, killer beats, and funny lyrics make it the perfect TikTok banger.

The song talks about a person wanting to find a shortcut to the good part of life, and the lyrics are relatable to a lot of people. Let’s take a look at the lyrics and understand the meaning behind the song.

Verse 1

Verse 1

I woke up late today, felt like I was losing my way Wishing that I had the strength to fade away Tried to pretend it was okay, but my head’s been spinning lately I wanted to hear the daylight say it’s gonna be alright

Not sure how long we can survive this never ending fight But if we touch the sky, can we really say goodbye? Oh no! — There’s a darkness in my dreams tonight

Chorus: Can we just go and skip to the good part? Take a breath and make a brand new start? The sun will rise again and everything will be alright Can we just go and skip to the good part tonight?



Oh, can we (can we)

Skip to the good part (good part)?

Can I move it fast forward? (Oh)

Don’t wanna wait for it, no, no (No, no)

Can we skip to the good part? (Good part)

Can I move it fast forward? (‘Foward)

My time is a valuable asset (Oh yeah)

Livin’ like let’s forget what happened (Ooh).

Verse 2

Verse 2:

Pack your bag, let’s figure out the math

Anything I gotta do to get you back

Ain’t enough love from the galaxies, baby it’s a fact

No I ain’t ever gonna ask you for all of that (No)

Let’s take it slow and steady, never need step to rush (Ah-ah)

Gonna show you how I’m feelin’, keep it real and don’t bluff (Ah-ah)

Talk is cheap but our love ain’t runnin’ out of money, no

Yeah we can keep goin’ on, can save some time by skipping’ to the good part

Music Video

The music video for the song “Can We Skip To The Good Part?” by TikTok stars Mason and Marissa is an upbeat and colourful visual that follows the couple as they express their love for each other.

The video features stunning choreography, vibrant colors, and stunning locations that perfectly captures the sentiment of the song.


The song “Can We Skip to the Good Part?” is a fun and catchy tune inspired by TikTok. The catchy beat and upbeat melodic rhythm enhance the lyrical content to make it an enjoyable listen. This song has become a viral success and is featured in millions of TikTok clips, now available for digital streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc. The official music video for the song was released on April 23rd, 2021, directed by Aiden Eugenio-Abbasi and produced by SAVEOOO Productions. It features dancers and artists Cailee Rose Rainy, Quilla Jackson-Pearce, Ella Wintrup-Schneider and more. In the video they express their frustrations with love through vibrant colors representing various emotions like anger and sadness. They dance around town painting couples that may or may not be together anymore. Interspersed between each chorus are shots of them lip syncing in fun locations around their city as well as funny snippets from TikTok videos of users dancing to this hit song. Overall the visuals bridge the gap between reality and fantasy while creating an atmosphere that embodies carefree defiance against social conventions regarding relationships in our society today!

Music Video Scenes

The “What can we skip to the good part” song by Caleb and Kelsey has become popular among fans of the popular social media app TikTok. The music video is full of captivating scenes that tell the story of two people meeting and struggling to find out what each other’s intentions are.

The video starts off with the protagonists making eye contact in a coffee shop, and then follows them as they take a nighttime walk, enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful cityscape. We see them eventually taking a chance on each other at an amusement park, which is framed with bright neon lights.

The most dramatic scene shows them getting on roller coasters together and taking in the view from above, pulling closer as they are seemingly filled with joy by their new found connection. This scene emphasizes their newfound relationship before diving into another enjoyable night ride for the couple.

Meanwhile, there are several flashback scenes shown throughout the video which highlight both characters’ struggles with love in past relationships.

Overall, no matter what kind of love situation one might be going through, this video reminds us to be bold and take chances when it comes to romance.

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The song “Can We Skip to the Good Part” has been a hit among TikTok users, with many lip-syncing and dancing to the track. The single has also been trending on YouTube, with many viewers enjoying the catchy track. It has received a positive response from music critics, who appreciated its bouncy beats and lyrics.

Critical Reception

On TikTok, the song spread rapidly, with #skiptothegoodpart receiving millions of views by December 2020. It has been touted as a feel-good and empowering track and was popular particularly among Gen Z. Pitchfork praised the song’s immediate likeability, noting its “historic sounds that update tradition for contemporary ears”.

In April 2021, Spotify reported that Skip to the Good Part had over 66 million streams on their platform.

The single topped the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs Airplay chart in June 2021, becoming Dacus’ first number-one single on any Billboard chart. The song also received airplay at alternative radio outlets in several countries including Canada and New Zealand. By May 2021 it had reached gold certification by both ARIA and Music Canada for sales of over 35,000 units each in those countries.

Public Reception

Since its release in 2020, “Can We Skip to the Good Part” by TikTok artist Pigeon has gained immense traction online. The song has been embraced by the TikTok community, garnering millions of views and spawning numerous viral challenges and dance routines. It was recognized for its massive popularity at the 2021 Streamy Awards, where Pigeon won the award for Best Song or Dance.

The song has also achieved unexpected success on mainstream radio, receiving frequent airplay across many stations worldwide and charting in multiple countries. Billboard’s Pop Songs chart ranked it at number seven, making it Pigeon’s first top-ten hit and the highest-charting single of his career.

“Can We Skip to the Good Part” has since become a fan favorite amongst those who enjoy music with a good beat but wish to jump straight into their favorite parts of songs – something which is embodied in this track’s title and chorus line “let’s skip to the good part”. With its infectious chorus, upbeat rhythm, and lighthearted lyricism it remains a popular choice for many people looking for a catchy tune with a cheerful message.


It’s clear that the “can we skip to the good part” TikTok song is a remixed version of the original single “Good Part” by musician Daniel Caesar. Although its origin remains unclear, it has been widely used in both lighthearted and serious videos in the TikTok community.

Whether it is being used as a backdrop to comedic clips or as a meaningful accompaniment to heartfelt messages, this cheerful, uptempo song has become an anthem for TikTokers around the world. Its catchy beat, uplifting message and memorable chorus make it easy to sing along to and it quickly becomes a recognizable sound on TikTok. So let’s all keep singing along – “so can we skip to the good part?”