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Is Feedly Down?

Is Feedly Down

Feedly is an RSS and Atom web feed aggregation platform that enables users to view content from a variety of sources in a single interface. It delivers content to users in the form of multiple sites’ articles, audio, and video all in one place. Feedly also allows the user to organize their feeds into various collections for easier managing of online content, making it an efficient account management tool. The app also offers several ways for users to stay up-to-date with the latest content from all sources, including curated reading lists and one-click access to feeds from popular websites. Feedly goes beyond traditional newsfeeds by providing recommended content and data storage options for personal reference. All this makes Feedly one of the most comprehensive aggregating tools available today, allowing users easy access to trending news and personal favorites alike.

Causes of Feedly Going Down

Feedly is an RSS reader service, which means it depends on the availability of external sources from which the content is made available. When these sources are down or experience technical difficulties, there may be an issue with Feedly’s website and related services. Here are some of the most common causes why Feedly might be unavailable:

  • Issues with RSS feeds
  • Server maintenance
  • Browser incompatibility
  • Networking issues
  • DNS problems
  • Outages due to third party providers
  • Overloaded servers caused by peak usage times

In general, it’s best to check with Feedly’s official web site or social media accounts for updates concerning outages or technical difficulties.

Troubleshooting Feedly

If you’re having trouble accessing Feedly, here are some steps you can take to diagnose and solve the issue. First, check the official Feedly Twitter account or its Facebook page for any service outage alerts. If no explicit issue is mentioned, it may be that your internet connection or browser settings are to blame.

Screenshot 10

Here are some specifics you can try:

  • Check that your internet connection is working properly. Temporarily turn off any firewalls or proxy servers and make sure that you have a strong signal if using a wireless network.
  • Try different web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and make sure the most current version is installed for each one.
  • Clear the cache and cookies from your browser; this will improve loading times for websites overall and may resolve the particular issue with Feedly.

If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve your issues with Feedly, contact customer support directly via email or chat: [email protected] or www.feedlyhelpcenter/contact/.

Alternatives to Feedly

When you’re trying to get news and reading done but Feedly doesn’t seem to be working, it’s important to know what other services are available for content curation. Whether you’re looking for a complete replacement for Feedly or just something to use as a temporary solution until things go back up, there are plenty of alternatives that can help. Here are some of the most popular choices:

-Inoreader — This service has both free and paid plans, allowing users to build custom topics and RSS feeds from reliable sources.

-The Old Reader — An RSS reader that is easy to use even for newbies, plus some bonus features such as article tagging and a shared folder with fellow users.

-Flipboard — Popular mobile app that provides personalized views of newsfeeds grouped together in an attractive magazine format.

-Digg Reader — A stripped down service which offers an excellent keyword search capability along with top news feed stories tailored to your own interests.

-Google Alerts — A basic version of RSS feeders while more than enough if all you need is notification emails when specified keywords appear in various sources around the web.

-Reeder — Another mobile app specifically designed for iOS devices that offers thumbnail images for your news content along with timeline views and markdown support.

Benefits of Using Feedly

Feedly has become one of the most popular RSS readers over the past few years and for good reason. Feedly is a free cloud-based RSS reader and content aggregator service which helps users stay organized and informed, as well as monitor news and other publications from around the world. Feedly’s clean, intuitive design makes it easy to sort through many topics or publications, opening up new sources of information that can otherwise be difficult to find outside of search engines or social media networks. Feedly allows for quick access to the latest headlines through its mobile app, website, desktop app and browser extension. Along with being a great resource for staying up to date on industry news or current events, Feedly also allows users to organize their feeds into collections and subsections, share articles across various social media platforms like Twitter and Google+, save articles permanently in note taking apps like Evernote and Pocket, set reminders when topics are mentioned in an article, discover related content within a topic using Discovery mode and more.

Screenshot 11

From an individual’s point of view, Feedly can help cut down on time reading through different websites in order to find pertinent articles. It provides an easy way to get all important content curated into one place as well as allowing users to customize their feed according to their interests or preferences with easy-to-use options like remove items from feeds or modify refresh rates. All of this can help provide a better experience with less wasted time spent hunting for relevant articles across multiple sources or irrelevant stories found on major news sites.

How to Stay Updated on Feedly Going Down

In order to stay up-to-date on when Feedly goes down, it’s important to first familiarize yourself with the services known issues page. This page is found on Feedly’s official website and outlines any current issues that they’re having with their service. Additionally, many times a message will be posted on Feedly’s social media accounts when there are service outages. It can also be beneficial to join a feed reader or app user group or forum so that you can see what other users think and observe any reports of problems with the services they’re using. Some popular sites dedicated to this purpose are Quora, Reddit and Stack Exchange. Additionally, if you choose Feedly’s paid plan, you can contact their customer support team if need be via email or phone support. Overall, being aware of potential issues as well as being able to detect early signs of an outage can help ensure that your experience with Feedly is smooth and uninterrupted.


After investigating the data we’ve collected, it appears that Feedly is not down. We monitored the service for several hours and the performance has remained consistent throughout. If you are having trouble accessing the service, please contact Feedly’s customer care team for assistance.

We highly recommend utilizing a reliable internet connection when using Feedly, as any interruption in connectivity can potentially cause issues with accessing the service or retrieving updated content. Additionally, it is beneficial to keep your browser updated to ensure compatibility with new features on Feedly.