Wink Hub Blinking Purple? Here’s What You Need to Know

Wink Hub Blinking Purple

If you’ve recently installed your Wink Hub and it’s showing a solid purple blinking light, don’t worry! This is normal behavior during the initial setup process. Here, we break down what to expect while the Wink Hub is blinking purple, as well as what this blinking light means for your connected home. When setting up your Wink Hub, first plug it into an outlet and wait for the power LED to turn solid white before pressing both the reset button and connectivity button at the same time. Then, check for a flashing purple LED on top of your hub. This indicates that your Wink Hub successfully reset itself and is now ready for setup in the Wink app. It will stay in its flashing purple state until you complete setup with your phone—at which point you may swap out any bulbs or plugs connected to the hub (called Zigbee devices).

Note that if you see a double-flash of purple after selecting “Create an account or log in” on the home screen of the app, this can mean one of two things: either you already have an account associated with this email address or a slow internet connection prevents us from connecting to our servers automatically. In either case, simply use another email address or check your connection strength before continuing with setup.

What is a Wink Hub?

Wink Hub is a home automation device designed to connect compatible products and products from various brands into one integrated system. It allows users to control, monitor, and automate their lights, thermostats, and other home appliances using the Wink mobile app or their Amazon Alexa-enabled device. By connecting the products in one place, Wink simplifies home automation with minimal effort. The Wink Hub’s LED lights indicate its status at any given time and provide helpful insight into its operation. Blinking purple indicates that a device is connecting to the Hub’s Wi-Fi network. Users may need to consult their product manual or contact Wink customer service if this issue persists.

In general, the Wink Hub can sync with many popular consumer electronics devices such as thermostats, lighting components, speakers and other home appliances that are compatible with its platform. With its functionality and user-friendly features, it makes managing your connected devices easy— giving you peace of mind that your smart home is always running securely.

What Causes a Wink Hub to Blink Purple?

A blinking purple light on your Wink Hub can indicate a few different things. The most common cause is that the Wink Hub is not connected to your home Wi-Fi network or it is not receiving power. If your hub isn’t connected or if it has lost power, you will need to take appropriate steps in order to reconnect and re-establish power so that your Wink Hub can operate properly again.

To help isolate the issue further, following the checklist below:

  • Check if your Wink Hub is plugged in securely and receiving power.
  • Reconnect any ethernet cables that may be loose from the Wink Hub and router.
  • Reset the Wink Hub by pressing and holding the Reset button for 10 seconds.
  • Ensure that you are using a compatible router with your Wink Hub–you can find a list of compatible routers here: .
  • Verify that the correct wireless network password is entered in the app or on when setting up an internet connection for your hub.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, contact us for further assistance!

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How to Troubleshoot a Blinking Purple Wink Hub

If your Wink Hub is blinking purple, it indicates that the Hub has recognized your device and is actively attempting to connect to it. This could be because there is a delay in connecting to the device, or because something is preventing the device from connecting. Either way, troubleshooting may be necessary and there are a few steps you can take to determine the cause and find a solution.

First, ensure that your Wink Hub is placed close enough to your router so that it can maintain an active connection and detect Wi-Fi signals in the area. If you have multiple devices connected to your hub, move them further away so that all devices are within range of each other. Also make sure that you have entered your network encryption details correctly when programming your hub; if these settings are incorrect then the wink hub will not be able to access them.

Additionally, check for any interference between the router, Hub and other devices in the area (e.g., microwaves). High frequency noise from these sources can interfere with traditional wireless communications protocols used between Wink products.

Once applied these simple fixes if none of them resolve this issue then contact expert technical assistance for further guidance on troubleshooting and/or repair of malfunctioning Wink Hubs.

How to Reset a Wink Hub

Resetting a Wink Hub is a great way to troubleshoot connectivity issues and get your hub back online. The process for resetting a Wink Hub will slightly vary depending on the model of your Wink Hub, but generally involves pressing and holding or pressing a specific button on the device. Below are instructions for how to reset the most common models of Wink Hubs and what each step in the process means: Wink Hub 1st Generation – To reset your hub, press and hold the “Action” button for 10 seconds until all LEDs on the device blink simultaneously. Once this is done, it will take about two minutes for the device blinking purple to reconnect to Wi-Fi and reactivate.

Wink Hub 2nd Generation – Press and hold both “W” buttons until all LEDs appear simultaneously then release. Your hub should automatically turn off once complete, indicating a successful reset.

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Wink Hub Plus – Pressing both ‘A’ + ‘B’ buttons together will start the reset process. The ‘Link’ indicator will begin flashing rapidly as soon as you’ve successfully initiated the factory reset process. After completing this step, it will take five minutes maximum for your hub to power back up before connecting to Wi-Fi and being activated once again. Though different models require different steps in order to reset a Wink Hub correctly, it’s always recommended that you verify your devices are plugged into power sources before you attempt any kind of reset procedure in order guarantee successful results!