What Is Flipboard and How to Use It on Windows 10

What is Flipboard Windows 10

Flipboard is an award-winning personal magazine app that allows users to turn their favorite websites, topics, and social media accounts into an always up-to-date personalized magazine. It’s a unique way to stay up to date on the topics that interest you most. Flipboard offers personalized news digests for different topics such as technology, music, entertainment, politics, sports and more. It also gives you the opportunity to create your own digital magazines (aka Flipboard) for yourself or for sharing with others.

Flipboard was originally available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices but is now also available as a website accessible from any Windows 10 PC or laptop. The website allows you to get the same personalized experience on the web while still utilizing many of the powerful features available in the mobile app such as article tagging and saving, magazine curation, integration with email newsletters and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits of Using Flipboard

Flipboard is a popular news and content-sharing platform that quickly gained popularity due to its intuitive user interface. It enables users to easily browse through an array of quality stories and topics related to their interests and passions. One of the most noteworthy benefits of Flipboard is that it won’t show you ads like other online services. Instead, it shows suggestion cards which are tailored specifically for your interests in a pleasant visual format.

Flipboard also uses AI technology to learn from users’ interactions with the platform, ensuring that each new update will bring better personalized experiences. Users can further optimize the content they see by selecting specific topics of interest, such as business, travel, sports, entertainment, technology, etc., or follow their favorite writers. They can get access to their favorite magazines on Flipboard by subscribing for free and saving stories for later. Additionally, Flipboard periodically offers discounts on magazine subscriptions so users can save even more money on top titles like Vogue or GQ. Another notable advantage of Flipboard is that readers can be more involved in the conversation around news articles by commenting directly under each article or start their own post to share and discuss stories with others in their community. Apart from this, other benefits include sharing news across various social networks like Twitter and Facebook and also power search feature which helps users quickly find relevant information with just a few taps on their screen.

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How to Download And Install Flipboard on Windows 10

To use Flipboard on your computer running Windows 10, you must first download and install the app. To do this, go to the Microsoft Store and search for “Flipboard.” Select the “Flipboard: News for any topic” app from the results and click “Download.”

Once the download is complete, open the app by selecting its icon from your Start menu or desktop. This will launch Flipboard’s main window. Click “Have an account? Login” and enter your login details to sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, click “Create Account” to set one up. Once you are logged into Flipboard, you can start browsing through content or search for topics of interest. Select a topic to view its associated stories, and click any story that interests you to open it in a new window. You can also customize home screens to add content such as videos or offers that are tailored specifically for you. From here, simply navigate Flipboard using your mouse and keyboard as usual!

How to Use Flipboard on Windows 10

Flipboard is a popular content platform for discovering, curating and sharing stories with friends. It allows you to create your own personalized magazine which includes the latest news, interests and topics from around the web. You can curate your own collection of stories or just explore content other people have shared. Flipboard is available as an app for Windows 10 on desktop and laptop, so it’s easy to get started. Here’s how to use it:

1. Download and install the Flipboard app from the Microsoft Store.

2. Once installed, launch Flipboard from your Windows 10 Start Menu or desktop shortcut.

3. Log in with your email address or Facebook account – this will give you access to all the content available to you through Flipboard.

4. Start creating your custom magazine by choosing categories that interest you using the “Explore” tool, or save articles that interest you by tapping on the star icon in their title area – these are added to your “Saved Articles” folder within Flipboard itself (this also gives you access to previously saved articles).

5. Share what stories have caught your attention – click on any article and then click on the share icon at its bottom-right corner; this lets you post articles directly onto Twitter or Facebook, tweet out a link that takes followers directly into Flipboard app, or invite friends directly via their email address if they’re not yet registered with Flipboard app on their device (PC/laptop).

6. To view all of your saved articles in one place go to “My Feed” which has both pre-selected topic posts as well as all of those saved by yourself over time; here you can also switch between viewing mode online/offline – enabling offline enables searching within Flipbook without needing an internet connection allowing user’s location experience whenever preferred regardless of connection status!

Customizing Your Flipboard Experience

Flipboard is a popular news and content-aggregation platform that allows users to curate and share their favorite articles, videos and photos. Personalized Flipboard magazines can be created with content from around the web, following stories on a particular topic or even simply collecting posts on an idea or theme.

Customizing your Flipboard experience can maximize the value you get out of the platform. Here are some of the ways to make Flipboard work for you:

• Follow topics that interest you – You can follow both interests and specific accounts to tailor your Flipboard experience to your own needs, from topics as broad as “News” or “Culture” to more specific interests like “Space Exploration” or “Guacamole Recipes.”

• Unfollow topics when necessary – Unfollowing a topic might be necessary if it starts delivering too much unwanted content or no longer aligns with your interests. This will ensure that Flipboard surfaces only relevant information for you in its daily picks section.

• Search through publications – With Flipboard magazines, you can tap into literally billions of different public sources at once – but only if you know what to look for in magazines. Searching through publications is an easy way to find magazines tailored specifically for certain categories and topics.

• Create Flipboard collections – You can keep track of articles from friends and family by simply creating a collection with their posts in one place. It makes it easier for you to access all their posts quickly without having to search manually through each one of them separately. Plus, collections display aggregated updates once they are added up together in one place instead of having individual postings cluttering up your space!

Troubleshooting Flipboard Issues

If you’re having issues with Flipboard, whether you’re using the Windows 10 app or the web version, the following troubleshooting tips may help.

Check your system requirements: Flipboard works best on up-to-date systems and is optimized for desktop computers running Windows 10. Your graphics settings should be set to High Performance, and you should update your browser to the latest version if possible. Additionally, make sure that you have all of the latest Windows updates installed.

Make sure Flipboard is installed correctly: If your Flipboard app isn’t working properly or isn’t loading at all, first check to ensure that it was installed correctly by verifying its icon appears in the Start Menu and that it can be opened. Clear your cache and cookies: If Flipboard is hanging or lagging while browsing, try clearing your cookies by going to your browser’s privacy settings and clicking “Clear Browsing Data”. This will reset any stored information such as passwords and preferences that could be affecting how the site runs.

Check for malware/virus protection issues: Sometimes antivirus programs can interfere with web programs like Flipboard if they are not marked as a trusted program in your settings menu. Check for this setting so that none of these programs are blocking connections from or to Flipboard. You should also run a full scan on your system for any potential viruses or malware threats just to make sure those aren’t affecting how Flipboard runs as well.


As a digital magazine and personalized news aggregator, Flipboard is a useful tool that can keep you informed about topics of interest. Whether you’re looking for the latest news on tech, design, lifestyle, entertainment or sports, Flipboard has it all. Leveraging its powerful search engine, you can browse an endless stream of articles and magazines to stay up to date on what matters to you. For Windows 10 users, the Flipboard app makes it easy to read articles from your desktop or laptop device. It also allows Windows 10 users to sign in with their Microsoft accounts so they can easily connect with the people they follow and customize their Flipboard experience. With its intuitive interface and variety of themes, customizing your Flipboard profile should be simple and straightforward on Windows 10 devices.