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A Wink Hub is a powerful, affordable hub that connects your home’s electronic devices so they can work together with one another and you. Whether you want to create a smart lighting system, monitor climate control or control electronic fixtures from your smart phone, the Wink Hub is the perfect product for turning any home into a connected home. The biggest benefit of using a Wink Hub is its ability to streamline the process of connecting different devices in your home. You don’t have to buy multiple hubs anymore; all you need is one connectible hub that supports multiple protocols like ZigBee, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and other popular wireless technologies. As long as you have the right hardware, setup time is minimal and you’re ready to go!

Another great benefit of using a Wink Hub comes when it’s time to update devices and software or troubleshoot issues. The convenient app keeps everything organized and up-to-date so you don’t have to keep track of each device separately. Additionally, by connecting all your devices through the same hub, any updates occurring on one device are applied across all connected products automatically — no more tedious manual updates! Lastly, many users find better performance when it comes to controlling their smart products when using a Wink Hub. Customizable triggers allow for an effortless efficient experience and high compatibility with popular brands helps ensure smooth integration for added convenience. Thanks to multiple connectivity options like voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, users get more out of their Wink Home than ever before!

Setting Up Your Wink Hub

The Wink Hub makes it easy to add connected devices and automate your home, from lights and locks to speakers and more. To get started, you will first need to set up your Hub. Here is how you can get your Wink Hub ready for use:

1. Plug the Hub into an electrical outlet close to your router, using the supplied USB power cable.

2. Download the Wink App from the Apple Store or Google Play store onto your mobile device.

3. Open the app on your mobile device, select “Create a free account” and follow the instructions provided to set up a username and password.

4. Select “Add” in the top right-hand corner of the app screen, then select “Products” from the list of options displayed in order to add a new device to connect with your Hub.

5. When prompted, click on “Setup a Wink Hub or Bridge” to initiate setup for your new product (namely –theWink Hub). You should see instructions instructing you to physically press and hold down the pairing button located on top of your Wink hub until it turns solid blue (about 5 seconds).

6. Follow remaining instructions provided via prompts within the app interface in order to complete setup routine associated with adding this specific product (ie –Light Bulbs) as well as other products you may wish to link in withyourWink hub system later on down road). With each product incorporated intoyoursystemyou will be askedtoconfirmcertaininformationbeforebeingabletoutilizeitfullye..g., namesgiventoeachindoorlightbulb etc.). Additionally- information screens may also appear guidingyoutoeffectivelylinktheproductandHubstructuresandsettings etc.). Upon completion of all setup routines; all products that are registered viaWink hub should now be active within system and available for control from withinWiNK App control page interface!

Connecting Your Smart Home Devices to The Wink Hub

The Wink Hub provides an easy-to-use, central hub for all of your connected smart home devices. With the Wink Hub, you can quickly and securely connect compatible products to your existing Wi-Fi network. This makes controlling your entire smart home setup as simple as downloading the free Wink app from the App Store or Google Play. Before getting started, it’s important to check that your hub is properly connected to both power and to the internet. Once this is confirmed, you’re ready to begin connecting compatible devices directly to the hub. There are several connection options available including Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee Wireless, which have their own individual requirements.

  • You can also connect a variety of non-Bluetooth enabled products using a Wink Hub Relay Switch or Plug Combo that allows you to control or monitor any device plugged into it remotely via the Wink app or voice commands (i.e., Amazon Alexa). Depending on what products you want to be controlled by the Wink Hub, additional setup may be required (such as setting up locks).
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In addition, Wi-Fi enabled products like thermostats can be set up in a few steps right on your phone using the Wink app – no extra setup required! Whether it’s lighting systems that are voice activated, security cameras that send motion alerts or refrigerators that suggest recipes based on what’s inside – with the ease of use found on the Wink Hub platform you can now build an intelligent home tailored to you no matter what type of product you’re buying!

Troubleshooting Tips For The Wink Hub

Whether you are a beginner trying to get your first smart home devices set up or a more experienced user looking to improve an existing system, the Wink Hub Forum offers troubleshooting tips and advice on how to get the most out of your Wink Hub. Here, you will find content and tools to help you resolve common Wink Hub problems like pairing failure and connectivity errors. Plus, our dedicated team of experts is standing by to answer any questions you may have about setting up, operating and maintaining your Wink Hub.

These tips can help ensure that your system is running as smoothly as possible – so that you can enjoy the benefits of automation without any frustrating issues.

Automating Your Smart Home With The Wink Hub

The Wink Hub makes it easy to automate and connect your connected devices for instant control. You can control lights, lamps, ceiling fans and more with a simple voice command or the touch of a button. It is compatible with lots of popular smart home products from leading brands, like Philips Hue and Nest. With Wink Hub, you can even tie multiple devices together for total home automation. With Wink Hub, you can easily connect all of your smart products and automate them to create the perfect living space. The Wink App opens up endless possibilities – you can use voice commands or deeply customize automations through “Robots”; small programs that allow you to set unique conditions for automated behaviors such as morning wakeup routines or smart security alerts when motion is detected in an area in your home.

You also have complete control over which products you choose to synchronize with your hub – from switches that let you turn lights on or off from an app to motion sensors that trigger a series of actions like activating lights and playing music when someone walks by – all seamlessly coordinated with your personal preferences stored securely in the cloud via dual-band Wi-Fi connection(s). With each new release, Wink continues to innovate and improve their system, making it easier than ever to make your environment smarter without comprising convenience or comfort.

Popular Wink Hub Apps And Integrations

The Wink app and smart home platform offers a wide range of apps, products and integrations all designed to help you make your home that much smarter. Through the Wink app, users can control lights, locks, thermostats and cameras among many other devices in their home from a single easy-to-use platform. Here’s a look at some of the most popular Wink Hub applications currently available.

Lights: With the customer favorite Phillips Hue bulbs and light strips becoming increasingly more popular within homes across America, Wink makes light integration a breeze with their easy to setup platform. With an array of colors to choose from and convenience of controlling individual rooms or whole house renovations without having to replace your existing wiring setup, getting out most out of your lights is easier than ever!

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Thermostats: Another hugely popular integration option is connecting the workhorse thermostat brands nest and ecobee direct into the buzz hub. Hooking up either one of these thermostats with the wink app unlocks advanced scheduling controls as well as energy monitoring capabilities giving you ultimate control over your temperature settings throughout your day. Security: Protecting what matters most is no simple task but thanks to Wink’s secure network it just got easier. Through linking security systems such as ring doorbells or motion sensors directly into the hub users can now eliminate mid to long range communication in favor of instantaneous notification at the node level meaning faster more accurate protection for you and yours.

Cameras: Keeping an eye on things just got smarter with integration options for Dropcam cameras offering users real time access via streaming video feeds created by secure endpoints linked directly through their hub. No more worrying about missed moments due simply to lag between devices because this technology typically provides realtime data straight from its environment without loosing its integrity through digital conversion meaning more accuracy when it comes tracking threats near you.


Smart home setups come in all shapes and sizes, from basic automation to a full integrated lifestyle. It can be hard to navigate the available products and figure out what works best for your goals and budget. The Wink Hub forum is the perfect place to discuss these topics in an open and welcoming environment. With comprehensive advice, tips, and support from experts in the area, anyone can get their smart home up and running quickly. Whether you’re looking for advice on smart thermostats or want get connected with a knowledgeable advisor—the Wink Hub Forum is a great resource to help you take your home setup to the next level.