Removing Flipboard From Your Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Remove Flipboard From S6

Removing Flipboard from your Samsung Galaxy S6 can be a useful step if you want to free up some system memory or customize the look and feel of your device. With Flipboard removed, users can look for more useful apps that better suit their needs and create a more personalized user experience.

Some reasons to remove Flipboard from your Samsung Galaxy S6 may include the following:

  • It takes up too much system memory: The Flipboard app uses a considerable amount of system memory, which can slow down your device or negatively affect battery life.
  • There are better alternatives: There are several similar apps available in the Google Play Store that use fewer resources while offering a wider range of features.
  • You prefer a different style: If you don’t like the layout or design of Flipboard, removing it will allow you to choose and install an app that is more aesthetically pleasing to you.
  • You don’t use the news feed feature: If you don’t regularly use the news feed feature offered by Flipboard and prefer to get headlines from another source, uninstalling it makes sense.

Steps to Uninstall Flipboard

If you have Windows or Mac OS, you can remove the Flipboard application from your Samsung Galaxy S6 using a few simple steps.

1.Press the ‘Home’ button on your Samsung Galaxy S6 to open the Home screen. Select ‘Apps’, then ‘Settings’.

2.In the Settings menu, select ‘Applications’, then select ‘Application manager’.

3.Scroll down and locate the app labelled ‘Flipboard’. Tap on it to open its info page.

4.Tap the “Uninstall” button and follow the prompt to confirm uninstallation and delete any data associated with Flipboard from your device storage. You may be asked for authorization again once you confirm in order for uninstallation to take effect on your device.

5.Press OK once uninstallation is complete, The Flipboard application will now be removed from your device completely and no longer appear in any list of installed applications on your home screen or app drawer.

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Benefits of Removing Flipboard

Flipboard is an app that curates content from websites and news sites into an effective reader format. It can be a useful tool for reading news on the go, but it can also clutter up your Samsung Galaxy S6 with unwanted notifications and updates. There are a variety of benefits to removing Flipboard from your device, such as:

1. Improving Device Performance – Flipboard continually updates its content meaning that it keeps some processes running in the background; this can drain your battery and reduce device performance. Removing Flipboard will free up processor space and potentially improve overall speed of your phone’s performance.

2. Reclaiming Storage Space – Flipboard stores cached information that is used to deliver fresher content faster; this requires a certain amount of storage space on your phone. Removing Flipboard eliminates unnecessary storage consumption leaving more available for other apps or media files.

3. Cutting Unnecessary Notifications – The Flipboard app sends out constant notifications which can be annoying or hard to manage on top of other notifications you may receive from other apps or services; removing it eliminates these interruptions altogether allowing you to manage messages more easily.

Alternatives to Flipboard

If you are looking for alternatives to Flipboard, there are several options available. These include apps that offer similar news-based content, such as Yahoo! News Digest, Weave News Reader and Feedly. Other apps that provide access to a variety of sources, such as Pulse and Inshorts, are also worth considering.

Yahoo! News Digest offers users curated stories from multiple sources like The New York Times and Reuters on a daily basis. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Weave News Reader provides access to independent news publishers from around the world like the Guardian and the Economist through its easy-to-use interface. You can choose from over 500 full-length articles every day on Feedly, grouping your favorite topics in one place for added convenience. Pulse is a popular news reader app optimized for both phones and tablets complete with support for landscape mode and widget. Inshorts gives you quick updates on various categories including world events and sports scores in the form of 60 word summaries via its mobile app or web browser interface.

Tips For Maximizing Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Performance

To ensure your Samsung Galaxy S6 is operating at optimal performance, it is important to remove any unnecessary apps from your device. Flipboard is an app that comes preinstalled on the Galaxy S6 and while some users may find it useful, if you don’t feel like having the app, you can easily uninstall it. Here are some tips for maximizing your Samsung Galaxy S6 performance by removing Flipboard:

1. Make sure you back up any data or items associated with the app – If you have saved information in Flipboard such as articles or links, make sure to save them in another location before uninstalling it.

2. Go to applications menu of your Samsung Galaxy S6 – This can be done through Settings > Applications > All Apps and tapping on Flipboard.

3. Select “Uninstall” – This will delete the application from your phone as well as clear any associated data or caches associated with the app.

4. Confirm that it has been uninstalled – Once the process has been completed, you should get a confirmation message letting you know that Flipboard has been removed from your device disconnecting all links and features related to this application, which will help with optimizing the performance of your phone’s system operations and applications.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you are experiencing issues with the Flipboard app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, there are several troubleshooting steps you can use to try to resolve the problem. First, make sure that you have the latest version of Flipboard installed. To check for updates, open the app store, go to the ‘My Apps’ tab and click ‘Updates’. You may also need to restart your device by pressing and holding down the power button for several seconds until it shuts off and then pressing it again to turn it back on. If these steps do not work, try uninstalling Flipboard from your device. To do this, go to “Settings > Applications > All Apps” and select Flipboard from the list of installed apps. Tap ‘Uninstall’ from the menu that appears and confirm that you want to uninstall it. Reinstall Flipboard from the app store again by searching for “Flipboard” in its search function. Once installed, check if your problem has been resolved.

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If none of these solutions work, contact a customer service representative at Samsung or explore third-party customer service forums online for more specific advice on potential solutions specifically tailored towards resolving this issue on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android OS 5 or higher with Flipboard version 3 or later.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully removed Flipboard from your Samsung Galaxy S6.

By taking the appropriate steps, you can make sure you will be using your device with only the app and content you desire. Even though Flipboard is a useful content app, this change is necessary if it is not of use to you. We hope that this guide has been helpful in completing the process successfully.