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Why did Dorilton Ventures invest in Julia Computing

Julia Computing, a programming language developer led by co-founder Viral Shah, recently announced its latest funding round wherein the company raised $24 million led by venture capital firm Dorilton Ventures. This substantial investment shows the increasing appeal of Julia’s growing platform in data science and analytics.

This article will explore why Dorilton Ventures decided to invest in Julia Computing. It will look into the features and capabilities of their product, as well as provide details about Julia’s potential for growth and development within the world of big data. Finally, this article will discuss how investing in Julia Computing could benefit Dorilton Ventures in securing future success as a venture capital firm.

About Julia Computing

Founded in 2015, Julia Computing is a software development company that provides enterprise users with data science, analytics, and application development services. Co-founded by Viral Shah and other prominent developers, the company has just raised $24 million in series B funding led by Dorilton Ventures.

This article aims to provide an overview of the company and discuss why Dorilton Ventures decided to invest in Julia Computing.


Julia Computing, a software company founded in 2015 by Viral Shah and his co-founders – Jeff Besieder, Alan Edelman, Stefan Karpinski and Deepak Vinchhi – specializes in making the Julia programming language work better for industry and data science. The technology leader has significantly impacted global innovation by leveraging the power of open source technology to create a universally adopted platform that makes it easy to tackle data-intense problems such as analytics, AI/ML and scientific computing.

In October 2020, Julia Computing announced its latest round of venture funding totaling $24 million led by Dorilton Ventures. Among other investors was Quantiphi Capital partners which collaborated with Dorilton to lead the round. These investments will support exceptionally strong global demand for Julia programming language and drive further efforts to create commercial products designed specifically for life sciences; finance, insurance; telecommunications; web services; retail services; energy industries, etc.

The massive backing from venture capitalists reflects their judgment on the immense growth potential of Julia computing made possible through its powerful set of features such as scalability across large workloads like big data or streaming analyses over several CPUs or GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). For example, Heroku co-founder Adam Wiggins noted that “Julia is set up like no other programming language I’ve ever seen” which speaks volumes about its unprecedented potential in driving digital transformation wherever it is applied.


Julia Computing was co-founded in 2015 by Professor Viral B. Shah, Avik Sengupta and Deepak Vinchhi to provide open source support, development and training services for Julia — a modern, fast, effective programming language developed to solve challenging problems. This powerful language has become the platform of choice for many data scientists and researchers because of its simplicity and speed.

Under Shah’s leadership, the trio competed in the prestigious Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator program organized by Microsoft Ventures India in 2016. The company raised $4.6 million of seed funding in two rounds from Cascade Investment Associates LLC and General Catalyst Partners LLC in June 2017. Later that year they raised an additional $15 million Series A round led by Founder Collective with participation from Intel Capital and MIT’s Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation.

In April 2019, Dorilton Ventures led Julia Computing’s Series B round totaling $24 million, affirming other investors’ trust in Viral Shah’s team.

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Viral Shah cofounded Julia Computing raises $24 million funding led by Dorilton Ventures

In October 2020, Viral Shah co-founded Julia Computing and raised $24 million funding led by Dorilton Ventures. Dorilton Ventures had invested in Julia Computing as a part of its strategy to invest in fast-growing technology start-ups.

This investment was seen as a big step for Julia Computing as Dorilton Ventures is one of the most sought-after venture capital firms in the technology industry.

This section will discuss why Dorilton Ventures chose to invest in Julia Computing.


Dorilton Ventures has announced an investment of $24 million in Julia Computing, a company focused on solving the world’s most challenging technical computing problems. This is the first venture from Dorilton Ventures. Its participation in the Series B funding round signals the firm’s commitment to supporting startups and entrepreneurs looking to revolutionize core industries.

Julia Computing was founded in 2017 by Viral Shah, Alan Edelman, Deepak Vinchhi and Keno Fischer. The company develops open source language for scientific computing that is extremely faster than conventional scripting languages like Python, Ruby or JavaScript. It has earned high praise from leaders in data science, AI and machine learning for its ability to reduce computing time by orders of magnitude compared to traditional programming languages.

In addition to Dorilton Ventures’ financial contributions, this influential venture capital firm also offers decades of experience in job creation and economic growth. Their team consists of technology industry veterans with deep knowledge of raising capital, identifying emerging technologies and making successful investments at every stage of development.

Given their track record of working with some of the world’s most innovative companies such as Airbnb, Wealthfront and stripe; they are well-positioned to help bring revolutionary new technologies like Julia Computing into the mainstream. By investing heavily in Julia Computing’s mission-critical technology platform, Dorilton Ventures has created an opportunity for disruptive new applications that could revolutionize how we work with data science today.

Reasons for Investment

Dorilton Ventures recently invested in Julia Computing, an organization that develops open-source programming language software. Founded by Alan Edelman, Viral Shah, and Jeff Bezanson, the company focuses on scientific computing applications.

The investment was led by Dorilton Ventures and included participation from existing investors such as , General Catalyst, Comcast Ventures and other institutions. The total funding raised was $24 million.

So why did Dorilton Ventures decide to invest in Julia Computing? Here are a few of the possible reasons:

  • Growing industry: Programming languages are an increasingly important part of our lives with more software applications being built daily. Unsurprisingly, Dorilton would want to get into the game early and position themselves to capitalize on this increasingly lucrative market.
  • Innovation: Julia Computing is leading the industry in developing novel approaches for creating programming languages that are easy for new users to learn but efficient for experienced coders. This makes them very attractive for high-growth companies with complex projects requiring their developers’ speed and accuracy.
  • Talent pool: Julia Computing also benefits from having a team of highly experienced engineers who understand the technical challenges associated with developing cutting-edge applications that add significant value to their services offerings – this gives them an edge over competitors in the market who may not have such expertise at hand.
  • Visionaries: It’s clear that Viral Shah and Jeff Bezanson have created an impressive product roadmap as part of their vision for Julia Computing’s future – one which Dorilton Venture has been keen to back during this round of investment funding.
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Impact of Investment

The investment by Dorilton Ventures marked a giant milestone for Julia Computing and cofounder Viral Shah. The $24 million funding was led by Dorilton Ventures in July 2020, making this Julia Computing’s first ever major institutional funding. In addition, this investment gave Viral Shah and Julia Computing the capital to expand their team and focus on marketing and product development.

Let’s take a closer look at how this investment impacted Julia Computing.

Benefits to Julia Computing

Julia Computing, cofounded by Viral Shah, announced in August 2020 that it had closed a $24 million funding round led by venture capital firm Dorilton Ventures. The organization was established to leverage the Julia programming language and develop commercial products for machine learning and AI engineers. This investment will help support the core Julia language to enable more data scientists, software engineers and mathematicians to use the language and solve advanced business problems.

The new funding brings cumulative investments in Julia Computing up to $55 million since its founding in 2015. Additional entities investing with Dorilton were Andreessen Horowitz, XN, General Catalyst and others. With an ever increasing demand for machine learning tools combined with a shortage of qualified personnel to develop such products or services, leveraging existing technology such as Julia is increasingly viewed as an attractive solution.

A key benefit of this investment is that it will allow Julia Computing to deepen its work on creating multiple products available online or hosted on premise with high quality customer service provided by knowledgeable professionals trained in using the platform effectively.

Additionally, it will help them expand their presence overseas by setting up offices in various geographies throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America regions where a larger numbers of organizations have embraced AI acceleration technology and have started investing heavily into ML models built on top of modern codebases such as Python & R but more recently on Julia as well. Finally, Julia computing will seize opportunities to collaborate more effectively with other vendors within the technology ecosystem and sponsor research initiatives with academia operations worldwide – further helping promote their product suite globally.

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Benefits to Dorilton Ventures

The recent $24 million investment in Julia Computing, led by Dorilton Ventures, signifies the long-term commitment to developing the open-source programming language. Founded by MIT Professor Viral Shah, Julia Computing Inc has created an unusual programming language much faster than existing contenders like R and Python. This makes it appropriate for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence related problems.

For Dorilton Ventures, this investment means that they are now at the forefront of technological innovation which will shape the future of technology. The benefits to Dorilton Ventures go beyond a financial return on their invested $24 million. Below are some of the other key advantages they receive from this investment:

1) Global Visibility: As one of the leading investors in Julia Computing initiatives, Dorilton Ventures is well positioned to acquire a strong presence in a rapidly growing technological field. This visibility on a global stage provides them with access to cutting edge technologies and increases their opportunities for further investments in related fields.

2) Engagement with Educational Institutions: Investment in Julia Computing gives them direct engagement with many leading educational institutions worldwide, which are directly or indirectly affected by its technology and implementation directly or indirectly. Through this strategic presence, Dorilton Ventures can interact with future minds of tomorrow and develop relationships with promising talent for potential business deals.

3) Unlocking Future Opportunities: Through backing resources such as Viral Shah who has proven his capabilities from developing earlier languages like R and Python, as well as tapping into new talent before any other competitors have had a chance to get involved gives them an edge over others when it comes to potential technological development opportunities within artificial intelligence which may come up in future research projects or down the line business strategies concerned with AI applications within private industry domains such as finance, retail or eCommerce sectors.


In conclusion, Dorilton Ventures recognized the potential of Julia Computing and its founders when they decided to lead the $24 million Series A funding investment. The company’s co-founders, including Viral Shah, have expertise and experience that could develop a language for data science that is faster, built for scalability and capable of competing with other traditional programming languages.

Further, as millions of users flock to data science related technologies in the coming decades, Julia Computing’s presence in the market should grow and become even more viable. For this reason, Dorilton Ventures believes in their investment potential and is confident that it will bring a larger return on investment.